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Why Insulation Aren’t As Bad As You Think

What You Must Know About a Mold Remediation Service

Water damage might cause considerable mold problems, possibly leading to serious health issues. Trying to resolve the mold issue yourself usually makes the situation worse, mainly because you have no expert knowledge or experience in proper containment.

Looking for a qualified remediator knows the potential dangers of wrong remediation can be tough. Be sure to spend time doing some research before deciding to hire a mold remediation company.

Mold Remediation Principle

Though remediators are far from health practitioners, they must fully understand that indoor water damage can be highly toxic.

Post-project Environment Testing

Some type of testing is necessary before and after to show the project’s success or failure. Testing by the remediator should be avoided as this presents a conflict of interest. Instead, find a third party tester for reliable results. No remediator should dismiss the importance of testing.


Mold remediators have to document all their work through digital photos. This is specifically true for projects that entail removing building materials. Digital pictures must be available to the client following work completion.

Containment Processes

Any company that does not believe in the importance of containment is not worth considering. Two examples of proper containment techniques commonly used today include protecting entrance points to containment site, and plastic sheeting. HEPA filtering of negative air machines (NAMs) is also a must and should be done in outdoor space.


There are contractors who are without any kind of insurance, which can decrease your cost. But when accidental property damage or injuries happen, you will be liable. Stick to companies that practice business legitimately.

Safety Gear

Workers need to wear the right hazmat suits, respirators and safety glasses during treatment. Staff must wear disposable shoe covers in the area site, since foot traffic is a big cause of cross-contamination.

Waste Disposal Processes

Following removal, waste material has to be bagged immediately. Items must not be left to linger around premises. The route needs be as short as possible to decrease likely breakage or leakage. Bagged objects need to be double bagged to block cross contamination.

Securing Equipment

Air scrubbers and HEPA vacuums are basic to mold remediation. Such equipment needs to be properly wrapped before getting inside your site as they may be contaminated from previous jobs, which can only make your situation worse.

If you have a contractor who dismisses your questions, look elsewhere. Remember, you are the expert in terms of your health and your immediate home environment. Don’t feel bashful asking any questions you may have. Above all, listen to your gut as you try to make a smart decision for your family’s health and well-being.

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