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The Ultimate Guide to Services

Stages Of Home Construction

Home construction is a process that has different stages but not many know what is done. The general attitude is, as long as my house is complete and well-constructed, why do I need to know the details? But it is essential you know what is done during construction because you will be able to estimate how long the building will take, the cost incurred, manpower and man-hours involved. Let us look just briefly on how construction is done and the basic processes followed.

Before the home construction is started, there must be the floor plans. After these plans have been developed and finalized, they must be submitted to the municipal officer. The officer then reviews them before issuing a building permit. Also, the homebuilders must inspect the site and examine the soil, capacity of the ground and other environmental tests.

Foundation means that before the building is done, the base must be firmly laid. The topmost soil is removed. The next thing done is excavation of the site. Then the footings, which are concrete slabs that will support the wall foundation, are formed and poured. Erection of the wall foundations follows. At this stage, the homebuilders might need your input on the design of floors.

The Skeleton
Here, the frame is erected. Here, different framing techniques can be applied, but the most common is applying an exterior sheeting. The windows and doors are installed in this third stage. It is important to note that the frames can also be constructed on the ground and once done, they are lifted in place.

The installation and construction of the basement floor is done at this stage of the house construction process. The plumbing works, electrical wiring, heating, cooling, and ventilation will be incorporated roughly in this stage. The inspection of the house by the city engineer is also at this point of the construction. Any mistake noticed by the safety inspector is rectified before the job continues and this ensures that the house is safe and up to the required standard.

The Inside and Outside Works
This is the fourth stage of construction. A lot of work is done at the same time and this means that the timing has to be correct to ensure the outcome is good and on schedule. On the exterior, the insulation is done, heating and cooling systems properly installed. The blockage of the water vapor is set up at this point of the construction. The beautification of the side of the house is done at this stage. The kitchen is well set at this final stage and the wardrobes and washrooms are also laid at this point.

You ought to know that there are a lot of details that are involved in construction, but the above are only highlights. It is the responsibility of the builder that you have hired to give an update on the house as it is being build.

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