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Questions About Tips You Must Know the Answers To

What is Protein-Sparing Fasting?

The protein-sparing fast diet is primarily given to those who are extremely obese. It is a temporary diet program and not long-lasting. Since it is only temporary, the individual plans for the second step in the weight-loss process. The protein-sparing fast diet is helpful to those who are extremely obese but one has to consult experts first since it is not necessary beneficial to everyone.

The said diet is characterized by a minimum consumption of calorie and acceptable consumption of micronutrients to keep the person still in a good shape. The starvation you do here does not make you lose all that muscle mass you normally have. All of the calories come from the proteins you eat, and most of the calories you burn come from fat. When that happens, fat becomes your main source of energy. Your source of energy before might be carbohydrates but that is being avoided here.

When observing the protein-sparing fast, make sure that you only eat food with high-quality protein content. Your plate will most likely have chicken breast and tuna. To those who have more restricted diets try eating cottage cheese, tofu, and protein shakes. If you happen to need to lose more weight you can adjust the amount of protein you eat. Aside from the weight-loss, people who have undergone the protein-sparing fast had better blood lipid numbers, blood sugar control, and blood pressure. Diabetic patients were recommended to have this diet based on some research. During the first few weeks of the diet, some of the patients felt dizzy and have to eat more salt to feel better. Additional issues amongst the patients were constipation and hair loss nevertheless those did not deter them from achieving their ideal weight.

Unlike rabbit starvation, protein-sparing fast is done with the supervision of medical experts. In rabbit starvation, people undergo strenuous movements but in the protein-sparing fast they do not do that. As mentioned earlier this diet program is for those who are obese, so the muscles and organs are not broken down, only the fat. People who undergo this diet program are informed of the risk they are taking and that the program is only for a short time. Their might be some side effects to weight loss like having low energy, feeling hungry, and feeling cold. It should be noted that this diet program is not perfect for maintaining weight-loss. To maintain the weight-loss a consistent eating habit should be observed so that the good results are sustained. Remember that the protein-sparing fast is just the beginning, another type of diet should follow it afterwards.

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