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Getting Down To Basics with Health

How to Measure the Blood Pressure of a Person

It is important for someone to keep track of the pressure changes in his/ her body. The blood pressure of a person can be known through different methods.When taking the measurement, there are some of the things that a person should be considerate of to get correct results. There is no specific position that one should take while recording the blood changes.If taking the records while seated, one should try to tighten the muscles.

It is also important to know that it is not good to take blood pressure measurement when they are anxious. Correct results are achieved if one has no anxiety while taking the blood pressure measurements.

Following are the steps during the blood pressure measurement.The cuff used to take the measurement should be of good size.It should not be one that is too large that it doesn’t fit into your hand either should it be too small. On area around the upper arm is where the cuff should be wrapped and few centimeters away from the antecubital fossa.The bell on the stethoscope is then pressed with little force above the brachial artery.

If one gets the use of the bell being hard on the antecubital fossa, it is advisable to use the bell or diaphragm. Inflating the cuff should be done as the next step. Release the air slowly that had been filled in the cuff. keenly look at the changes that appear on the sphygmomanometer.Two sounds can be heard showing two types of blood pressure; the systolic and diastolic.When there is the knocking sound it shows the systolic pressure, and when it stops, it shows diastolic pressure.

The recording is not done for a single arm but both. It is important to take measurement of both arms so that someone can learn the differences between the pressure changes.Some of other important aspects to note are the position on the arm where the measurement was done. Recording of the fitness of the cuff is also important.

It is good to note some of the following steps so as to avoid getting the wrong records. It is good to be considerate on the how fitting the cuff should be for different people. The blood pressure of thin people is measured using a cuff that fits well on them.When using the cuff it should not be above the clothes.

to avoid getting false results, it is advised that one should be careful during the whole process.In case one finds it challenging to carry out the whole process without getting false results it is good to go for an expert. Someone should know the pressure changes for it is good to control their way of living.

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